Coping with Medical Emergencies During Pregnancy

No expectant mother likes to consider the possibility of facing a medical emergency during pregnancy, but complications can and do occur. Fortunately, seeking emergency care quickly makes it possible to treat most urgent complications and protect you and your baby’s wellbeing. Your obstetrician can tell you about your specific risk factors for complications, so you can tune into your symptoms and take steps to prevent them.

Know the Symptoms
Getting fast treatment is critical if a medical emergency arises, so be alert to symptoms of a problem so you can take action quickly when necessary. Pelvic pain, bleeding, extreme fatigue, and chronic nausea and vomiting can all be signs an emergency. Although ankle swelling is common during pregnancy, extreme swelling, especially on one side, can indicate an emergency. If you are concerned about any symptoms you are having, consult your doctor or seek emergency care. It is better to go to the ER and find out that you don’t have an issue than to wait and let a pregnancy complication become worse.

Avoid Self-Treatment
When you’re pregnant, over-the-counter medications you might otherwise take may not be safe. Don’t attempt to self-treat any symptoms of a complication at home. Instead, get emergency care, so that you can be confident that any medications you do receive are safe for both you and your baby. If you do decide to take an over-the-counter remedy, always consult your doctor first.

Act Fast
When it comes to dealing with any medical emergency during pregnancy, time is of the essence. The faster you get emergency care, the sooner both you and your baby can be protected. Fast treatment also helps to prevent a minor emergency from becoming a more serious one.

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