How to Make Your Home Kid-Friendly and Accident-Proof

For kids, the home can be a danger zone of one risk after another, often in areas that seem harmless to adults. Although your home may seem safe to you, if you haven’t kid-proofed it recently, then your child could be one preventable incident away from needing emergency care . Avoid a trip to the hospital and keep your child safe with these kid-proofing tips.

Get Real About the Risks
It is easy to underestimate the risk of an accident, but accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in kids up to age 14 , and over a third of these accidents happen in the home. That means that you not only have to be wary of what a baby can get into in your house, but you have to keep up your kid-proofing until your little one is in his or her teens.

Lock It Up
Many accidents occur when kids get access to things that should be locked away, such as toxic cleaning products, medications, and other dangerous objects. Add child-proof safety latches on cupboard doors anywhere you are storing anything that could be hazardous to your child. Keep all medications out of children’s reach. Be especially aware of medicine that is kept in a purse that can be easily accessed by kids. If you have a gun in your home, it should always be locked away where there is no risk that your child could find it. Choking hazards, such as small batteries, should also be stored out of your child’s reach.

Boost Your Home Safety Strategies
Ensure that all of the smoke detectors in your home are functioning, and consider adding extra ones if you don’t have full coverage. Repair any loose wires or outlet boxes. If you have a pool, make sure it is surrounded by a high fence with an alarm, so your child can’t enter the area unattended. When your child is young, use safety gates to prevent him or her from entering any area that is not child-proofed or from going up or down the stairs without supervision.

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