Changing Your Life After Heart Surgery

Cardiac surgery at MountainView Hospital can save lives, but the long-term outlook for patients depends in part on their post-surgical lifestyle modifications. Long after leaving the heart hospital, you’ll continue to work with your care team to reduce your risk of recurrent heart health problems. The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center is a life-changing resource for families throughout Las Vegas.

Your Recovery
Significant lifestyle changes may have to wait until after you have recovered from the surgery. Watch this video to hear a cardiothoracic surgeon at MountainView Hospital discuss the initial recovery process. He explains that heart surgery patients typically experience loss of appetite following surgery . Because of this, dietary restrictions may be relaxed for the first couple of weeks. Once a patient’s appetite returns, it becomes more important to choose low-cholesterol, high-fiber foods, since high cholesterol is a major risk factor for recurrent heart disease after a bypass surgery.

Your Ongoing Care
Close medical monitoring and management are essential for supporting heart health after surgery. You should schedule all follow-up exams and tests as recommended by your doctor. These may include blood tests, stress tests, an electrocardiogram, or echocardiography. Your doctor may prescribe medications, such as anti-hypertensives and blood-thinning drugs. Follow your dosage instructions carefully and let your doctor know about any troublesome side effects.

Your Medically Supervised Rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation programs are the gold standard of cardiac surgery recovery. Cardiac rehab is a multidisciplinary approach to improving wellness. It includes a carefully designed exercise program, nutritional counseling, smoking cessation support, and patient education delivered within a supportive setting. Making significant lifestyle changes might be challenging, but your cardiac rehab team will guide you through each step. Your cardiac rehab team may include a physical therapist, registered dietitian, mental health specialist, occupational therapist, and exercise specialist, along with cardiology doctors and nurses. With their help, you’ll learn how to embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Licensed clinical professionals comprise the entire multidisciplinary Cardiac Rehabilitation team at MountainView Hospital. It is the mission of our heart hospital in Las Vegas to provide comprehensive support services, patient education, exercise guidance, and lifestyle counseling within a welcoming environment. Call (702) 962-5021 to request a referral to a heart health specialist.

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