Don’t Die of Doubt: Why You Should Not Drive Yourself to the ER

During medical emergencies, seconds can make the difference between life and death—or between a healthy recovery and lifelong disabilities. That’s why you will never want to gamble with your emergency medical care in Las Vegas . As part of a smart emergency response plan, you should establish a guideline to always call 911 in the event of an emergency. Though you might think that it is faster to drive yourself to the ER or that your symptoms are not severe enough to call an ambulance, you might be significantly impacting your quality of care by getting behind the wheel during a medical emergency. Especially if you are experiencing heart attack symptoms or signs of stroke, call an ambulance by dialing 911.

Driving to the ER can delay your care
You may not realize that when you call 911 , your emergency care begins with medical professionals who work outside of hospital walls. EMS personnel will arrive on the scene to provide lifesaving interventions and stabilization when needed, and they will be in constant communication with hospital staff to ensure complete preparedness upon your arrival. When you drive to the hospital, you are prolonging the duration of symptoms and increasing the time you might have to wait to be diagnosed and treated.

Driving during an emergency can increase accident risks
While ambulances are able to maneuver in and out of traffic safely, the average driver may not be able to get to the hospital quickly while someone in the car is experiencing a medical emergency. Driving yourself or a loved one to the hospital can dramatically increase the likelihood of getting into an accident, so it is best to simply call for help.

911 dispatchers can provide valuable information
Even before EMS arrives at the scene, 911 dispatchers can help keep you or a bystander calm and offer instructions on providing CPR or moving a patient to the most beneficial position until the ambulance arrives. These steps can help manage even the most serious emergencies and ensure that help comes as quickly as possible.

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