Why Is Preventive Medicine So Important?

Appointments at the community hospital aren’t just for people who are sick, injured, or battling chronic conditions. Community hospitals in Las Vegas, such as MountainView Hospital , connect patients to preventive healthcare services. These include routine exams, health screenings, lifestyle counseling, family history reviews, and nutritional guidance. These preventive services are invaluable, as they contribute to healthier communities.

Live Longer
Younger people often take life for granted. As a person progresses through life and is affected by the deaths of loved ones, it becomes easier to understand why a focus on wellness should be a priority for everyone. You can begin making healthy changes at any stage of life, yet, as you’ll learn when you watch this video, it’s always best to begin early on. This video features a cardiologist who explains how preventive medicine could save the lives of many of his patients. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help some individuals avoid serious cardiovascular events altogether. Other patients who have already been affected by diseases can still add to their expected lifespan by making smart decisions moving forward.

Live Well
The expectation of living longer isn’t the only benefit of preventive medicine. Weight maintenance, tobacco avoidance, physical activity, and good nutrition will all improve the quality of life. Quality of life can mean different things to different people. For many, having high quality of life means being pain-free, mobile, and physically capable of performing tasks. Quality of life can mean being able to take a bike ride with the kids, climb the stairs at work without getting out of breath, and enjoy the contentment that comes from feeling well.

Set an Example
Children learn a great deal about life outside the classroom. When your kids see you taking the time to embrace physical fitness, prepare healthy meals, and visit your doctor for health screenings, they learn that preventive wellness is a priority. Encouraging your kids to be healthy for life begins with your own actions.

In Las Vegas, you can find comprehensive preventive services at MountainView Hospital. Our heart hospital offers health screenings, lifestyle counseling, support groups, and heart-healthy nutrition classes to reduce the possibility that you’ll require some of our interventional services, such as bariatric weight loss and stroke care. Call us at (702) 962-5021 or click through to our website to find an upcoming health class .

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