Connect to your community during National Night Out

Connected communities are stronger communities. Get better acquainted with your neighbors during National Night Out, which is held on the first Tuesday of every August. Its purpose is to forge relationships between police officers, community watch volunteers and the community residents they serve. This year, National Night Out fell on August 1 st . Las Vegas families took part in the event at the Multi-Purpose Center on Sackett Street. The emergency care physicians of MountainView Hospital often treat victims of preventable accidents and traumatic incidents and welcome every opportunity to help make Las Vegas safer for our patients.

The purpose of National Night Out
Each year, community organizers around the nation host National Night Out events for the primary purposes of making neighborhoods safer, and growing positive relationships between law enforcement officers and residents.

Every community that celebrates National Night Out plans its own festivities. They generally include:

  • Block parties
  • Festivals
  • Cookouts
  • Parades
  • Safety demonstrations
  • Seminars
  • Emergency personnel talks and demonstrations
  • Youth events

At National Night Out in Las Vegas, neighbors get to know each other while they enjoy the free music and food.

The ways you can make your neighborhood safer
National Night Out is a fun way to develop community camaraderie, but every day of the year is another opportunity to improve neighborhood safety.

Take the initiative to introduce yourself to your neighbors. Discuss organizing a neighborhood watch or joining an existing neighborhood watch program . Invite law enforcement officers to give an informational talk to your neighborhood about safety.

Find out who has surveillance cameras in the neighborhood, as these can help police officers solve crimes. Consider having your own security cameras installed—these are effective tools to stop crime before it occurs.

For all of life’s medical emergencies, your family can count on the emergency care team at MountainView Hospital. We’re committed to making Las Vegas a safer, healthier and friendlier place to raise families. Life-threatening medical emergencies should be directed to a 911 dispatcher, but for non-emergent questions, you can speak with a registered nurse at any time by calling (702) 962-5021.