Is breastfeeding right for you?

As an expecting mom, you’ll undoubtedly hear all sorts of well-intentioned advice from relatives and friends. But their experiences won’t be quite like yours, and only you can decide if breastfeeding is right for you and your baby. At MountainView Hospital, we offer the extensive support services that expecting and new mothers need, regardless of whether they choose breast or bottle feeding.

Identifying the benefits of breastfeeding
Consider the benefits of breastfeeding when deciding whether to give it a try. Breastfeeding may lower the risk of certain medical problems for both you and your baby, including your risk of breast cancer and your baby’s risk of asthma. In addition to these long-term health benefits, there are some short-term advantages to consider.

Breast milk is:

  • Inexpensive compared to formula
  • Always available when baby is hungry
  • Already at the right temperature
  • Environmentally friendly—no discarded formula packaging
  • Easier than sterilizing countless bottles

Your baby will grow up faster than you think. If you do choose to breastfeed, you’ll appreciate sharing this amazing bonding experience with him or her.

Addressing common breastfeeding concerns and obstacles
Some people are planners, and others prefer to figure things out as they go along. If you’re a planner, you may find it helpful to learn about common breastfeeding problems and solutions before you make your decision. Here’s a quick look at some of the issues breastfeeding moms encounter:

  • Clothes: Must be breastfeeding-friendly
  • Latching on: Must be done properly to prevent nipple pain
  • Milk composition: Changes throughout feeding. Offer both breasts each time. Alternate the breast the baby starts with.
  • Engorgement: Relieved with frequent feedings, sometimes manual expression as needed.
  • Medications: May pass into breast milk. Consult a doctor.
  • Illness: Can breastfeed while sick.
  • Leaky nipples: Use nursing pads.

Giving breastfeeding a try
It’s alright if you haven’t made your decision by the time your due date arrives. You can give breastfeeding a try, talk to the lactation consultant and then make your decision. It’s much easier to transition from breast to bottle than vice versa.

MountainView Hospital firmly believes in giving new moms and their families the best of care, along with the support services they need to confidently welcome their babies into the world. We invite expecting parents to join us for a free, comprehensive breastfeeding class, which is offered at regular intervals at our hospital. We’re here for you, and you can speak with a registered nurse at any time by calling (702) 962-5021.