Should you have vaccinations during pregnancy?

Vaccines cause your immune system to produce antibodies, which can identify and fight off these diseases the next time they are encountered. During pregnancy, what enters your body can also affect your growing baby. This applies to the nutrients you consume, medications you take and vaccines you receive. In other words, when your immune system produces antibodies to protect you from illnesses, your baby also receives this protection. At MountainView Hospital, our Ob/Gyns strongly recommend that expecting moms get vaccinated, as this can save the lives of their precious babies.

Vaccines to receive before pregnancy
If you would like to become pregnant but aren’t actively trying just yet, you can schedule a preconception visit with your doctor to discuss your immunization record. Some vaccines are only safe to receive before pregnancy, rather than during it.

Depending on your immunization record, your doctor may recommend that you have the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine at least one month before you try to become pregnant. The varicella or chickenpox vaccine can also be administered at this time.

Vaccines to receive during pregnancy
Watch this featured video to hear an Ob/Gyn at MountainView Hospital explain the two vaccines that she recommends to every expecting mother. The first is the annual flu shot, which can be administered from October through May each year.

After your child is born, it’s important to continue getting an annual flu shot to protect your baby . Other people in your household, caregivers and grandparents should also receive an annual flu shot, and be up-to-date on other vaccinations.

The second vaccine all women should have during pregnancy provides protection from tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. By getting this vaccine at the start of the third trimester, your body automatically passes on the immune benefits to your baby. This protects your baby from these serious illnesses before he or she is old enough to get the vaccine.

It’s our mission to support healthy babies and healthy parents here at MountainView Hospital . Our friendly and knowledgeable team of obstetrics specialists welcomes your questions about vaccinations for you and your baby. Call (702) 962-5021 to speak with a registered nurse at our state-of-the-art hospital in Las Vegas.