Get to know the hospital care team: Hospitalists

When you are in the hospital, many healthcare providers will be involved in your care. One team member you may encounter is a hospitalist . What exactly is a hospitalist, and what role will they play in your patient care? Here is what you need to know.

What do hospitalists do?
A hospitalist is a physician that strictly works on inpatient care. Unlike the physicians who provide outpatient care when you attend appointments, hospitalists only treat you when you have been admitted to the hospital. They may consult with your other physicians, however, about a long-term care plan and about the treatments they provide for you in the hospital.

Is a hospitalist a specialist?
As explained in the video, hospitalists are typically specialists in specific fields of medicine. For instance, if you enter the hospital because of heart disease, a cardiology hospitalist may be involved with your care. Depending on the nature of your condition, the person coordinating your hospital care may involve multiple hospitalists across different specialties to ensure that you get the right kind of treatment for each medical issue that is affecting you.

When should I expect to see a hospitalist?
A hospitalist can get involved in your care at any point in your hospital stay, from the emergency room to the ICU. When you begin to see a hospitalist depends on the nature of your condition and the other providers who are involved in your care. The benefit of having a hospitalist involved in your care is not only that you get his or her expertise, but you also get his or her full attention, since your hospitalist doesn’t have an outpatient clinic to manage.

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