Can you get a flu shot during pregnancy?

Emergency care doctors recommend the flu shot for almost every patient, except for those with severe allergies to its ingredients and children younger than six months of age. When you’re pregnant, it’s good to be concerned about safety, but pregnancy by itself does not disqualify a patient from receiving the flu vaccine . If you have any concerns, your doctor can address them. The maternity specialists at MountainView Hospital work closely with each expecting mother to give her the personalized, superior care she deserves.

Flu-related complications

Pregnancy triggers changes in the immune system, heart and lungs that make expecting moms more vulnerable to severe flu symptoms and flu-related complications. New moms who just recently gave birth are also at a higher risk. It’s possible for these women to develop complications severe enough to require hospitalization, such as pneumonia.

Flu shot benefits

The flu shot is recommended during any trimester of pregnancy because it protects expecting moms from these medical problems during a time when health is most important.

Since babies younger than six months cannot receive the flu shot, getting the vaccine during pregnancy passes along some protection to these infants. The expecting mom’s body manufactures antibodies in response to the flu shot. These antibodies are passed along to the baby, which offers protection during the few months of life.

Flu shot safety

The flu vaccine has a long track record of safety, having been given to millions of expecting moms over the years. Scientific evidence supports the safety of vaccinating pregnant women , although there isn’t quite as much evidence regarding flu shots given during the first trimester. The CDC and the FDA continue to conduct ongoing studies on vaccines to ensure that they are safe.

Flu shot contraindications

Women who have egg allergies should talk to their doctors before receiving the flu shot. Mild egg allergies won’t necessarily disqualify an expecting mom from getting vaccinated. However, those with life-threatening egg allergies shouldn’t be vaccinated.

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