• How to prevent a second stroke

    With rapid stroke care , patients have a better chance of surviving. But even after the immediate danger has passed, stroke survivors should know that they are at a higher risk of suffering another stroke. When life-threatening medical problems are a possibility, you need to be able to trust the care you receive. MountainView Hospital has earned a sterling reputation for life-saving stroke care and strong support services to give our patients the best possible outcome.

    Take medications as prescribed

    According to the National Stroke Association , about 25 percent of stroke survivors stop taking their prescribed medications during the first three months after the stroke. This is the time period in which the risk of a second stroke is the greatest. Taking your prescribed medications is essential for managing your recurrent stroke risk.

    If you have any problems with your medications, your stroke care team can help. Talk to your doctor if you experience side effects or have trouble remembering to take dosages. Your stroke care team can help you find solutions to any medication-related challenge you’re facing.

    Reconsider alcohol use

    It’s thought that drinking too much alcohol might raise the risk of a second stroke. If you are in the habit of enjoying a glass or two, consider talking to your doctor about whether you should limit your alcohol use or avoid it altogether.

    Quit smoking

    Smoking isn’t healthy for anyone, but it’s particularly dangerous for stroke survivors. Smoking doubles your risk of stroke.

    Your doctor understands how difficult it is to overcome a nicotine addiction. He or she will work with you to find a treatment plan that suits your needs. Speak plainly about the challenges you’re facing with quitting smoking and let your doctor know how he or she can help you.

    Follow a stroke prevention meal plan

    Stroke care specialists typically recommend choosing meals primarily composed of plant-based foods. These are low in fat and sodium, but high in fiber and other important nutrients. Enjoy a wide variety of colorful veggies and fruits, whole grains, and lean protein sources like seafood.

    As a Certified Primary Stroke Center, MountainView Hospital is uniquely qualified to provide superior stroke care to residents throughout the greater Las Vegas area. We encourage stroke survivors to take advantage of our patient education initiatives, including our free Stroke Support Group. Non-emergent questions about our stroke care can be directed to a registered nurse at (702) 962-5021.