• What are the best and worst ways to cope with stress?

    Everyone experiences stress from time to time. Occasionally, the stress response can even be beneficial. But in most cases, chronic or severe stress wreaks havoc on physical and mental health. Here at MountainView Hospital, we understand that living life well is just as important as living longer. If you’re having trouble coping, please come in and speak with your family physician. It’s our mission to improve your quality of life.

    Do proactively work to prevent stress

    One of the best ways to cope with stress is to prevent it. Spend a few weeks keeping a daily journal of what triggers your stress. Then, identify your most common stressors. These might include:

    • Traffic
    • Deadlines at work
    • Misbehaving kids
    • Bills
    • Fights with a spouse or partner
    • Caregiving duties

    Most stressors can be attributed to not having enough time or money. While you can’t add more hours to the day, you can prioritize your responsibilities and give yourself permission to let unimportant tasks go uncompleted. You can also look for ways to make your life a little easier, such as by setting up automatic bill payments. Small changes can make a big difference for your stress.

    Don’t try to control uncontrollable things

    It isn’t possible to prevent every stress trigger, but you can work to modify your stress response. If you have a defiant teenager, for instance, you can stop yourself from getting into an argument. Take a deep breath, tell your teen that you aren’t happy with the situation and that you’ll have a discussion later when both of you have calmed down.

    Do use positive self-talk

    Positive self-talk might take some practice, but it can effectively stop stress from being overwhelming . Here’s a look at some common negative statements people tell themselves:

    • “I messed that up again.”
    • “I can’t handle this.”
    • “Nothing I do is right.”

    When you catch yourself thinking these negative statements, turn them into positive statements. For instance, tell yourself the following:

    • “I can learn from my mistake and do better next time.”
    • “This will be easier if I take it one step at a time.”
    • “I’m only human. I’m allowed to make mistakes.”

    Do enjoy pleasant diversions

    Everyone deserves some time to relax and find enjoyment in simple activities. You can cope with stress by setting aside just a few minutes each day to do something you love. Work on a quilting project, read your favorite book or go for a walk.

    For compassionate care in all stages of life, your family can turn to the trusted specialists at MountainView Hospital . Our community hospital in Las Vegas strives to make your medical care as stress-free as possible. We’ve even built stress management into our cardiac rehabilitation programs. Call a nurse at (702) 962-5021.